Data Recovery Service

Your valuable data can be lost for a variety of reasons including Ransomware attack, or other cyber attack, damaged computer, damaged disc, deleted intentionally or by mistake etc.

At UK Business IT, we specialise in the recovery of lost data. We have a deep understanding of how data is stored and how it can be restored in the event of loss.

We use advanced software tools to retrieve deleted, inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged or reformatted data. Data can be recovered from hardware devices such as SSD or physical hard drives, memory cards and USB drives, or can also be recovered from a variety of cloud services and locations. We can even recover data from magnetic tape and floppy disks.

We have access to one of the world’s leading sterile data recovery laboratories should this be required to recover your data.

Unfortunately some data recovery agencies destroy the data as part of their attempt to recover it so if you’ve suffered a data loss, please get in touch with us first – we can often turn around data recovery jobs quickly.

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