System Installation

We have decades of experience in specifying, installing and maintaining IT systems to suit any business. We carefully research your requirements to provide solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers and service providers. We have accreditations with most manufacturers and can therefore supply products and services from the most appropriate suppliers that match your requirements. 

We also install all IT systems ourselves and don’t use outside contractors which we find give more continuity and maintains high quality results.


Network Design/Installation

Our dedicated team can fully design, configure and implement your IT network whether it’s a restructure or starting from scratch.

A correctly specified and configured network will ensure your information flows quickly and efficiently and your data is secure. We can install networks in single or multi office locations, we are not restricted to any single source so we can ‘cherry pick’ the best solutions for our customers rather than being tied down to a certain brand.

Server Installations

A server sits at the heart of a local area network and is often the most important computer. UK Business IT are accredited for many leading brand hardware and software suppliers so are independent of any one manufacturer.

We use our extensive market knowledge to carefully specify the most appropriate server (or otherwise) to meet your current and foreseeable needs. We build-in appropriate redundancy and safeguards so you can be reassured that your data and network are protected.

We provide a comprehensive range of hosted server solutions where this is appropriate.

All installation & migration projects are carefully planned out to minimise your down-time and ensure that your business continues to operate throughout.

E-mail Systems

Internal and external communications are essential to any business operation and therefore the systems we supply are fast, reliable and protected from virus, spam and malware. 

We offer a variety of e-Mail systems including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Apple Mail and Google Gmail to name but a few.

Data can easily be transferred between different systems with losing any e-Mails and enhanced e-Mail security can also be added to give extra protection and reassurance, including encrypted e-Mail systems. 

Virtualised Networks

Manage a complex operation from multiple geographical sites with total freedom and simplicity.

Virtualisation lets one computer do the job of many computers, by sharing the resources of a single computer across multiple environments virtual servers and virtual desktops let you run numerous operating systems and applications both locally and in remote locations, freeing you from physical and geographical limitations.

There are massive benefits to using virtualised networks:

  • Energy savings and lower capital expenses
  • Server consolidation and infrastructure optimisation
  • Physical infrastructure cost reduction
  • Improved operational flexibility & responsiveness
  • Improved desktop manageability & security

At UK Business IT, we install and maintain virtualised environments based upon the VMWare and Hyper-V range of products.


UK Business IT supplies a huge range of Computer Hardware, Peripherals and Accessories from the world’s leading Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Everything we supply is tested prior to delivery and often installation and configuration is included in the cost. Our extensive knowledge of the IT market ensures that products are specified correctly in terms of reliability and performance.

Some of the products we supply include: work stations, printers, computer components, external hard drives, USB pen drives, routers, firewalls, servers, monitors, keyboards, mice, touch screens, laptops, 2in1 laptops, PDA’s, tablet PC’s, digital cameras, network switches, print servers, wireless adapters, NAS boxes, KVM switches, biometric readers, scanners, UPS and surge protectors, backup drives, optical drives, memory, projectors and many more.

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