Cyber attacks reported in City of London and at a motor trader
Written by: Nigel Howle

Cyber attacks continue to harm UK business.

Trading in the City of London was plunged into chaos, on February 1, 2023. after a Russian-linked ransomware gang attacked a company that plays a key role in Britain’s financial system.

Lockbit, the group behind a cyber attack against Royal Mail in January, are said to have targeted trading software provider Ion Group.

Ion said 42 clients have been affected by the attack as it faced disruption in its cleared derivatives division.

In a statement on its website, Ion said: “The incident is contained to a specific environment, all the affected servers are disconnected, and remediation of services is ongoing.”

In a separate incident, some Arnold Clark customers have been told their personal information may have been stolen in a cyber attack.

The car retailer, which sells more than 300,000 cars per year, said data that may have been stolen included bank details and ID documents.

Customers affected have been offered a two-year subscription to an identity fraud checking service because the hack puts them at a higher risk of being victims of the crime.

Arnold Clarke revealed they had to shut down their entire computer network in the early hours of Christmas Eve.

A statement from Arnold Clark said: “While we were initially advised that all our data was secure, unfortunately, in the course of our investigation, it has become clear that during this incident, the attackers were able to steal copies of some data that we hold.”

It added: “During this incident we have been in constant communication with the regulatory authorities and have sought useful guidance from the police, and we will continue to do so to help other companies learn from our experience and be better prepared for possible situations such as this.”

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