Delivery company Yodel hit by a suspected ransomware attack
Written by: Nigel Howle

Delivery company Yodel has confirmed it has been hit by a suspected ransomware attack.

This has disrupted business, led to delivery delays and hit the ability of customers to use the company’s online parcel tracking system.

In an answer to a question on its website, Yodel stated: “As soon as we detected the incident, we launched an investigation, led by our internal IT division and supported by a digital forensics group. We are deploying all efforts to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and continue to work closely with authorities and law enforcement.”

Yodel warned customers to contact them immediately in the event that someone purporting to be a Yodel employee asks for their personal information.

In response to a request by  Computer Weekly for further information on the nature of the attack, a Yodel spokesperson said the company has “made significant progress in restoring a number of essential IT functions following the cyber incident”.

“Tracking services for clients and customers are once again ‘live’ and this will support the recovery of our regular operations and allow the business to begin to urgently tackle any delayed deliveries. We continue to monitor the tracking systems and expect to see further improvements as we return to normal,” the spokesperson added.

“This remains a complex situation, but rest assured all of Yodel’s management and people continue to work with clients and customers to meet their expectations and standards. Yodel is sincerely sorry for any disruption and inconvenience that may have been caused to clients and customers alike.”

The number of ransomware attacks reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office increased 100% from 326 in 2020 to 654 in 2021. The global issues involving Russian aggression in Ukraine are thought to have led to further cyber security incidents.

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