Hybrid working elevates network security threats
Written by: Nigel Howle

A new survey shows more than two-thirds of organisations have seen an increase in network security threats over the past 18 months, with remote and hybrid working the biggest contributor to heightened threat levels.

The State of Networking report 2024. by Daisy Corporate Services, says 69 per cent of organisations have seen an uptick in security threats with 85 per cent siting remote and hybrid working as the biggest contributor to the rising threat.

The report surveyed 250 IT decision makers in UK businesses.

According to a report by Computer Weekly, almost two-thirds (64%) say their current network is made up from a patchwork of different supplier technologies, and 87% say this has created network management issues.

As a consequence, almost nine in every 10 organisations concluded they needed to simplify their network infrastructure.

The survey found that increased pressure was being put on many networks due to the number of cloud applications being used in the workplace. Over a third said ensuring cloud application performance was one of the main challenges they face.

Joel Cunningham, head of connect at Daisy Corporate Services, said: “At a time when the network perimeter is becoming increasingly virtual and a growing number of business processes and applications are online, it has never been so important to be able to maintain and manage a secure boundary between your network and the outside world.

“Simply hoping your remote employees will enable a VPN outside the office doesn’t constitute a robust network security strategy.”

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network.” It describes the opportunity to establish a protected network connection when using public networks.

With IT security becoming ever more important, it’s vital that you seek advice.

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