Is your IT under heightened threat thanks to hybrid working patterns following Covid-19?
Written by: Nigel Howle

The change in working patterns may leave your company IT more vulnerable than before.

Information is beginning to emerge about how new patterns of working away from the office, largely sparked by Coronavirus lockdowns, are ramping up threats to company IT security.

A new report from HP Wolf Security says businesses who deployed a hybrid working model risk having more Shadow IT connecting to their corporate network. With many unsanctioned end point devices and tools, and limited visibility, the risk of getting compromised grows.

Surveying almost 8,500 hybrid-working employees, as well as 1,100 IT decision-makers, the report found almost half of office workers (45%) purchased IT equipment to support home-working in the past year.  Of that number, roughly half didn’t have the devices checked or installed by IT. What’s more, the majority weren’t thinking of cybersecurity when making their purchasing decision, it was said.

With cyber criminals getting ever more sophisticated, new working arrangements are threatening security.

In reality, many people are not aware when they have clicked on something malicious.

The question is what are you, and for that matter we, going to do about?

The first step is clearly to educate your staff and stress the need to be ever more vigilant.

Then contact UK Business IT so that we can work with you to ensure everything reasonably possible is being done to protect your company IT.

Give UK Business IT a call and we will assess all your security needs.

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