Hosted Cloud Backup

Hosted Cloud (or Remote Internet) Backup is a secure, simple and affordable alternative to traditional disc backup solutions which often require upfront investment, ongoing maintenance and internal staff to maintain and operate them.

Hosted Cloud Backups are an automated, modern and reliable solution to this essential, business-critical process.

Most modern systems incorporate some level of on-line data storage and whilst there are ‘some’ data recovery facilities included, on-line storage itself is not a full backup and often does not provide adequate restore capabilities.

Thousands of UK organisations of all sizes use off-site backup. All you need is an Internet connection to benefit from the multitude of cost and efficiency savings.

At UK Business IT we offer several types of Hosted Cloud Backup solutions from a simple data files only service to full server image and hosted data backups (ie backing up your on-line data). We will identify and configure the best backup solution for your specific company requirements and budget. 

How it works
One of our technicians visits your site to install and configure a small software program onto your computer or server. This comprehensive software manages the connection to the Internet and the encryption/compression of your data. At a set time (usually overnight), your data is transferred to our data centre.

An initial copy of your data is taken – often on the same site visit. Subsequent automated backups are then ‘appended’ to this backup which minimises the data that has to transferred overnight. Depending on your broadband connection speed, we can configure the software to constantly backup you data for Continual Data Protection rather than once a night.

A Secure connection is established to the off-site data centre and data is encrypted to 128-bit level (military grade) before transmission. Data never travels un-encrypted, including during a restore process. Additional password protection ensures that only the authorised user has access to the data. These factors ensure that the service is often more secure than our client’s own office environment.

Advantages of this backup method
  • Backups can be performed at any time with a single click or be set for automated daily backup
  • Backups are fully managed and our ‘alert by exception’ reporting system ensures that if a problem occurs, it is dealt with quickly without user intervention.
  • Security is provided through secure connection to the data centre, encryption and account passwords.
  • Compression and smart-configuration routines ensure regular backups are efficient and non-intrusive.
  • Web browser option to restore data.
  • Different file versions can be restored from different days.
  • Data can be accessed via the software agent at any time via a web browser while away from the office.

The comprehensive algorithm ensures a complete copy of your data is available for rapid restore, should anything untoward happen.

This method of backup ensures that should a restore be necessary, that the process can be carried out rapidly, minimising your down-time. 


Remote Internet Backup needs an internet connection to work. This needs to be a broadband connection such as FTTC, FTTP, Full-Fibre or Leased Line.

One of our technicians will fully evaluate your site and suitability for the Hosted Cloud Backup service beforehand. Broadband line upgrades are available, although we will endeavour to use your existing connection wherever possible.

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