Working from Home

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, many businesses were forced to ask their employees to work from home and initially, there were severe shortages of laptops, webcams, microphones and other commodities required to work away from the main office or factory. Remote and flexible working had been on the increase for a number of years although the pandemic accelerated the take-up of this facility.

Supply issues have now been resolved and these days many organisations use remote working as a modern, flexible business practice. It eliminates the commute to work and gives employees a more flexible working pattern. Additionally, companies are finding that they can operate different hours than previously and that their employees have a better work/life balance as a result.

There are many aspects to consider when contemplating allowing staff to work from home and IT security is a major consideration.

By using the latest technology available, we can set staff up to securely work from home. We can set up hybrid systems so that they can come into the office for part of their working pattern or work from home entirely. We can set up cloud based telephone systems and various collaboration software packages so that staff are fully engaged to work efficiently, comfortably and securely. Additionally, we can install and maintain meeting room systems so that remote workers can take part in virtual or hybrid meetings as the business need dictates. 

We fully supply, install, configure and support all of the hardware and software systems required to enable working from home. We can often configure remote worker’s home equipment to access company systems.

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