Chrome set to improve browsing speeds
Written by: Nigel Howle

Google has unveiled plans to make Chrome even speedier for users.

A new Memory Saver mode will free memory when browser tabs are open but not being used.

Google say this will make browsing the active tab more smooth.

Tech Radar say: “There  is a caveat: because inactive tabs will then be reloaded when they’re accessed again, Memory Saver mode may not be suitable for sites that need to remain active in the background.”

In addition, Google announced (December 2022) that Chrome will ship new major updates every three weeks, with the first week of an update designated as “Early Stable.” The company said: “This early stable version will be released to a small percentage of users, with the majority of people getting the release a week later at the normal scheduled date.”

Google is hoping the new “Early Stable” stage will help identify lingering bugs and other issues before an update is rolled out to everyone.

Chrome is also getting a new “energy  saver”  mode.

When a  laptop  battery level reaches 20%, Chrome will go into Energy Saver mode to prolong battery life. This will limit background activity and visual effects for websites such as animations and videos.



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