Business Relocation Services

With every relocation project, we include a free-of-charge Network Cabling Design Service that looks at the functional use of the building(s) from a Technology perspective.

If you are relocating to  new premises there may be existing infrastructure and cabling systems that can be utilised or upgraded. If you’re building a new premises from scratch then we can assist with planning all of the technology that needs to go into a modern building including data points, telephone points, incoming communications lines, backup & failover lines, photocopiers, CCTV, Meeting Room systems, door access, server room design etc.

We provide local and wide area network cabling services and this can incude a combination of CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7 or CAT8 networks. We provide optical fibre cabling where required and can also link buildings together via Wireless Bridges. Wi-Fi is also incorporated into the network design.

Organisations will often use a relocation project to also upgrade their internal IT systems in order to remove existing problems and to modernise. We can help design, specify and implement any upgrades to ensure your business has a stable platform for the future.

The key to a succesful move is careful auditing and planning. We start the process by developing a Business Relocation Plan which protects your business’ core services. Every project is planned out  so that essential services such as e-Mail, telephones, security are maintained and that any disruption is minimal. 

We will be with you throughout the journey and ensure that everything is set up and working properly from day one.

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