Broadband Services

Business Broadband is an essential IT service for any modern business. The vast majority of companies require some level of internet connection to operate.

The UK broadband market is cluttered with literally hundreds of providers and services to choose from, where speeds, benefits, pricing levels and customer service levels vary considerably. The customer often also doesn’t know who the actual supplier is?

A typical broadband service will deliver email, support cloud software applications, enable on-line banking, facilitate connectivity between offices, remote workers and mobile users, provide web browsing etc. It is essential therefore that all these applications are supported by a fast and reliable Broadband facility.

At UK Business IT, we cut-through the confusion with a complete range of carefully selected Broadband products, from standard FTTC Fibre, high-speed FTTP fibre, full Gigabit fibre and dedicated leased lines. Additionally we can provide 4G/5G broadband, Satellite broadband and even Wireless broadband services. We can also offer MPLS broadband facilities for additional failover (belt-and-braces) backup. We offer Broadband services from the majority of suppliers on the market (not just BT) including Virgin, TalkTalk, Lila Connect and Vodafone.

We only supply business-grade unmetered, un-capped broadband services that always include at least one fixed IP address and are always prioritised circuits – thus our connections are the fastest and most efficient.

We identify your requirements and specify the most effective and cost-conscious solution, based upon your business-need. Once we understand your requirements, we will speak to you in a non-technical manner about the options avaiable. In the event of a problem, you only need speak to us!

Our leased-line products offer the ultimate in reliability and speed. If your business needs leased-line connectivity then we can provide and support it for you. Our leased line products are among the cheapest in the UK (please enquire for a quotation to compare us).

We also supply & support a full range of hardware to enhance your company’s internet connection and increase security: Routers, firewalls, modems and associated equipment and software are available from leading manufacturers including Sophos, Cisco, Sonicwall, Fortinet, Watchguard and Draytek.

For more information on our Broadband & Communication packages, please e-mail us now ITexpert@UKbusiness.IT or call our sales team on (01782) 26 44 55.

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