Companies predict a rise in Ransomware attacks in 2022
Written by: Nigel Howle

A majority of business leaders anticipate a rise in cyber-attacks in the coming year. Of those, 61% suggested ransomware in particular will pose a mounting threat.

Ransomware is a type of malware which threatens to publish a victim’s personal data or perpetually block access to it, unless a ransom is paid.

According to the National Cyber Security Centre’s 2021 annual review, for example, there were three times as many ransomware attacks in the first quarter of 2021 than in the whole of 2019.

Now a study by PwC shows many companies are concerned about threats over the coming 12 months.

PwC  surveyed  3,600 business and technology executives from around the world,  included 257 respondents in the UK. 61% said they expected to see an increase of reportable ransomware incidents in 2022.

Companies need to be aware that even if their defences are seen as secure, they may still suffer vulnerabilities via their suppliers’ IT system.

Another vulnerability may come from the recent trend towards home working, sparked by Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.

It is thought that over 60% of companies will up their security spend in 2022.

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