Microsoft allow users to switch to app-based login
Written by: Nigel Howle

Microsoft users now have the option to login using an authenticator app. The company says the move will bolster security.

Microsoft made passwordless accounts available for business users of its products in March.

The system is now being made available to all Microsoft or Windows users.

The company say “nearly 100%” of their own staff are now using the new, more secure system for their corporate accounts.

If passwordless login is enabled, users re-logging in to a Microsoft account will be asked to give their fingerprint, or other secure unlock, on their mobile phone.

And this is far more secure than using passwords, which can be guessed or stolen, according to Microsoft.

“Only you can provide fingerprint authentication or provide the right response on your mobile at the right time,” it said.

Windows users will still be able to use quick-login features such as a Pin code,

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