New security feature launched for Windows 11
Written by: Nigel Howle

Microsoft has launched its new advanced phishng feature for Windows 11.

The feature warns users when they write out their passwords in applications or websites which are seen as potentially insecure.

Enhanced Phishing Protection is part of the Windows 11 22H2 update.

In a blog post announcing the launch, Microsoft says that the new tool should stop unsuspecting users from accidentally writing out their passwords in plain view, and keep them safe from hackers or scammers.

Microsoft’s SmartScreen protection will even be active on some of the company’s own applications.

Users will see a warning stating it is unsafe to secure a password in this app.

Users will need to toggle the feature on, as while Windows 11 22H2 has Phishing protection enabled by default, the password protection options are disabled.

To enable it, go to Start > Settings > Privacy & security > Windows Security > App & browser control > Reputation-based protection settings.

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22H2 also has Smart App Control, a new AI-enabled system that stops users running malicious applications in Windows 11. Using an AI model that refreshes daily, the tool assesses the level of threat posed in an application and if the threat level is high, the application will not be allowed to run.

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