UK companies urged to review cyber security levels following Russian invasion of Ukraine
Written by: Mark Swann

The Russian invasion of Ukraine must, of course, be condemned.

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, an independent country.

But here in the UK, we must be alert to the cyber security implications.

As the invasion continues, it is extremely likely that Russia will step up cyber-attacks on countries who support Ukraine.

The UK is on high alert and companies must ensure their security is sound.

You must ensure that security and firewalls are correctly configured and that all security up-dates are activated.

If you need support with this, please contact or help desk,

Jeremy Fleming, the head of GCHQ, spoke to industry leaders to reinforce the need to harden systems against cyber attacks. He said Russia is one of a small number of states (along with the UK and US) capable of “elite hacking”, adding “cyber is a tool of war.”

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